(Opening Hours 0745hrs-1800hrs)



Full time place: £195
Daily rate 745am-6pm:   £43
Daily rate  session 9am-6pm:   £40
Morning session 745am – 1pm  27
School day 830am-330pm:   £35
Additional hours:  £6.00 
Holland House School drop off 745am-845am:    £6.00
Holland House School pick up 310pm-6pm:   £12:00
 Holland House drop off and  pick up   £16:00

** £15 weekly discount is applied if a full time (5 days per week) place is taken

Childcare Vouchers:

These are a great money saving option and most employers have a childcare voucher scheme in place. You purchase vouchers through your salary before tax and national insurance, this can mean a saving around 33{cdcf3ce11f21386d7ff4f0021e2ed809f26fe58d6991607d3b9e25b4e124449a}. We accept all vouchers as payment. Please opt for electronic vouchers. Ask us if you require any assisstance. A deposit of £50.00 is required upon applying for a place. This will be refunded from your first months fees upon your child starting at the nursery. Cheques to be made payable to “Trinity Play Centre”