Our Rooms

We divide the children into three different rooms where the activities they undertake are more suited to their individual needs. Each child will be allocated a key worker. You can discuss your childs progress with your child’s key worker at anytime. A daily diary of your childs activity is also kept and is available to you upon collection of your child.



This room caters for children between the ages of three months and fourteen months. This is a bright vibrant room where the children are looked after by a staff ratio of 3:1 and the children have a variety of activities to undertake. The children can sleep as their sleep pattern dictates.



Ladybirds is our middle room and is for children between the ages of 3 months – 2 years of age. The children are looked after by a staff ratio of 3:1. Children are encouraged to be more independent and staff will assist the children in doing this.



This is the oldest of our groups and the children are aged from two years of age up until they leave school. This allows for interaction between the age ranges. The children have a wide range of activities to undertake such as art and crafts. The children are often split into smaller groups where they will learn skills that are more appropriate for their age and skills that will prepare them for entering reception.